The purpose of this post is to make everybody else feel like they have done absolutely nothing for the last 365 days wtf. And also i just wanted an excuse to blog. And feel less shitty about aging.

Here are some things that happened or i have done this year in a sort of kind of not really chronological order.

1. Received email from NHK Japan, was all OMGWTF about it, then did an episode with NHK Tokyo Kawaii with #addiction.
2. Form Foruchizu Gyaru Circle with #addiction.
3. Met Maiko and Lie who changed my fashion sense. Forever.
4. Went to Venice
5. Went to Lyon
6. Went to Zurich (separating all these places so it looks as if i’ve done more shit with my life than i thought)
7. Discovered 9gag and threw my life away. (No la. But it changed the way i blog/talk/act forever).
8. Went on a sponsored trip to NSW, Australia.
9. Appeared on NHK Japan for the first time.
10. Get sponsored by 76style, which many good things ensued after that.
11. Went on a sponsored trip to HK and Otaru with Xiaxue.
12. Went to Bangkok with Iyvene.
13. Went to Singapore for holiday.
14. Walked on runway for Harajuku Street Style Singapore
15. Get sponsored by Invisalign at Orchard Scotts Dental!!!
16. Did another episode for NHK Tokyo Kawaii
17. Went to Berlin
18. Went to Prague
19. Went to Amsterdam
20. Did the first junk sales and got rid of half my Useless Fashion.
21. Involved in producing own contact lens line.
22. Won NAPBAS Best Fashion Blog Award
23. Watch ALL six installments of Star Wars wtf. Nao i’m a qualified 9gag girlfriend material.

That’s it for 2011, i think. Unless i strike lottery today. Or get proposed by someone WTF.

Not too bad a year i think. Did more travel than i intended to, 11 countries in 12 months.

Ok. Resolution for 2012.

1. Be prepared for zombie apocalypse.
2. Be Xiaxue’s best friend as she is the most influential blogger and can convince the zombies to eat carrots.
3. Plant carrots.




Also, remember the OMGWTF good news that i’m all mysterious about? I’m ready to tell you now!!!

It’s an email i received from NHK. Funny how my year started with it, and also ended with it.

Here it is.

I know right.

Still have a hard time believing it. Also, judging from the luck i’ve been having with my career, i think my love life is just about to hit rock bottom. Awesome.

Have to pack and prepare for a one week trip in Kansai! Will update when i have time again πŸ™‚

Happy new year everyone!