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May 30, 2013 in Just Punny 31 Cheesed

I know. Blame the jet lag. Or time difference. Or the weather. Or all.     What have i been up to? Europun.   PARIS I was in Paris earlier and it has been raining non stop. Whoever says Paris is romantic on a rainy day is inSeine.   But Eiffel deeply in love with […]

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4 countries in 1 day

This time around it was a lot more fun than the last time. Except that last time it was by air planes. This time, we drove through 4 countries in 1 day.   So in case you have lost track, our itinerary so far was like this: KL – (flight) ISTANBUL (transit) – ATHENS (boat) […]

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May 24, 2013 in Commercial Break 11 Cheesed

I have already blogged about it two times (first and second blog post), and i guess there’s not much you haven’t known about Sharp Plasmacluster yet! (Unless you didn’t do the 5 minutes googling i asked you to.) Ever since the first workshop, i have been an avid supporter of Sharp, and so they have […]

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Japan Shopping in KL

May 22, 2013 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

A lot of my readers have asked me about shopping in Japan, but for people who doesn’t have the chance to visit Japan yet, this is a blog about Japan shopping, IN KL! 😀 It is to provide an experience like you are in Japan without going to Japan hehehe. The shopping theme is FOOD. […]

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Pick your skin up

May 20, 2013 in Commercial Break 46 Cheesed

I’m not a coffee drinker as the caffein makes me dizzy, but i’ve heard how caffein has become very popular ingredient in skin care over the years, in face creams, body scrubs, and fragrances. The latest Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer contains caffein as one of its major ingredient.   If you are familiar with Origins, […]

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The Journey

May 19, 2013 in Italy / Weddingmoon 13 Cheesed

Ciao. Sorry for the lack of update. As we left Santorini our lives have also turned to chaos since there’s no Amie (my wedding planner from Sunrise Greece who is more almighty than greek goddesses) to take care of everything anymore T__T Actually back in Greece there was also super a lot of drama, my […]

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