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February 26, 2007 in Cheese-offs 34 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Reality is sometimes more of a stranger than fiction   Peacock recommended Stranger Than Fiction, which i think is a good movie and worth watching because i always believe he has an excellent taste in movie selections. However this is an exception because he didn’t tell me soon enough for me […]

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Shit post

February 23, 2007 in Just Punny 28 Cheesed

Warning: This post is full of shit, which content may severely ruin your appetite. Visit Cheesepetit instead if you wanna continue your CNY-Binge-Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ran down the supermarket aisle one day, and miraculously, all the food turned into shit. I’m not kidding. Like, all […]

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Happy Chor Sam

February 20, 2007 in Photoshoot 33 Cheesed

Third day already. Will all the delicious chinese hawker stalls please open for business fast fast? Very sien. Allow me to entertain myself with myself. You go play your mahjong la. Powder powder powder. Hair spray hair spray hair spray. Flash flash flash. Oversized boots. Super oversized wedges. OMC i think it was a size […]

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Going to ipoh tomorrow

February 18, 2007 in Cheesellaneous 13 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Is Ipoh Hor Fun? For uhm… the ipoh hor fun fun. What is nice there ah? Chicken Lice? Kali Mee? Ipoh Smelly Biscuit? But tomorrow chor ee, all the stalls still closed right? 🙁   Nevermind la, forget it. I ate so much already! It’s time to kenko lo. By the […]

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Super quiet CNY eve

February 17, 2007 in Cheese-offs 35 Cheesed

On MSN. OMFC Someone talk to me please! >__< Scary. Why is it that when we grow older, reunion dinners become less sumptuous, the amount of people surrounding that old, round table become less and less, ang pows become smaller, new year tv programs become lamer and more lila, new year songs become more annoying […]

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Best Valentine’s

February 16, 2007 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 21 Cheesed

No jam, no rush to make advance bookings, no long queue at the cinema, no pretentious false lashes and plunging necklines, no look-the-next-table-is-having-the-same-eight-course-shit dinner, no overpriced roses that die the next day, no pressure to celebrate.     Ruffle’s rocks, by the way.     Happy ValenOverTine!

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