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April 26, 2011 in Switzerland 35 Cheesed

Forgotten photos from Switzerland! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Other kids going skiing. #6 #7 We only went sledding that day! #8 Here’s a mysterious hand molesting me lolol #9 #10 Sledding like this! I couldn’t take more picture cuz i was busy tumbling down and eating snow off the ground wtf. #11 Walking snow […]

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How to draw gyaru eyebrows

Since you guys asked for it! Anyway, also many ask where i get my hair done. My fav salon is of course Chezz (in Jalan Gasing). Did my mermaid perm there! And if you’re thinking about a new hair style, here’s your great opportunity to try out Chezz with a whooping 77% discount! (The person in white […]

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Srsly, why are you even following me on twitter?

April 20, 2011 in Just Punny 25 Cheesed

Someone sent me a link to That Can Be My Next Tweet which is a website that predicts what you would tweet next based on your recent ones i think. And this is how the website thinks i would normally sound on my twitter: That’s quite…. accurate. I mean. That totally sounds like me. Why […]

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Sharing Happiness

April 18, 2011 in Commercial Break 70 Cheesed

Are you a giving person or a receiving person? According to the Japanese blood type personality, people with type O blood are the givers (logically makes sense la). And i’m an Type O. In certain ways i think it is true. Take buying gifts for example. I always enjoy buying gifts for other people than for myself […]

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Blogger Debt

Ahem and i’m clearing it. Although i must admit that i have been quite the hardworking lately, cuz ads started coming back a bit, then i also feel more motivated to update more often. 😀 No ad = Sad blogger = Shit blog. Pls support full time blogger thanks. Ok this is what happened in […]

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When zombie apocalypse happens i want my chips to stay crisp.

April 13, 2011 in Commercial Break 30 Cheesed

Lately i’ve become more paranoid than ever. For some ridiculous reason i sort of developed this thinking that everything that i do now contributes to my own imminent death. And everybody else’s. If i use a plastic bag i’ll think that a cute leatherback turtle just died because of me. Then when i buy a […]

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