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Otaru Aquarium

Ohai it is Japan again!! My trip with Xiaxue to Otaru ^^ This is a short one! #1 Our ticket to the Aquarium! I never knew all these places existed the last time i went to Otaru!! Really thanks to Park Hotel Group that we discovered all these hidden gems <3. Don’t forget to still […]

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Useless fashion new video

July 28, 2011 in Useless Vlog 22 Cheesed

Another! Kawaii.i’s Facebook Page Blogging about Japan next!

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Bangkok Travelog 03

July 26, 2011 in Useless Vlog 18 Cheesed

Super useless video! That’s all bai! The next video’s gonna be good cuz it’s Hello Kitty wtf! My Youtube Channel.

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XPLAY 2011

July 25, 2011 in Commercial Break 18 Cheesed

Ok i’m prolly gonna get punched for saying this but lately i’m really too busy having too much fun!! So much holidays and parties! Just came back from Singapore and it was amazing! I got sick half way but i kinda psyched myself to be well so i can party again wtf. I love SG! […]

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Why i like mentaiko so much.

July 21, 2011 in Useless Vlog 58 Cheesed

I cannot be friends with you if you dunno what is mentaiko wtf. That’s like my favorite food in the whole world. (I know. I considered changing my blog name to but like i just kinda renewed the domain plus it is also harder to rhyme with anything so yea.) Anyway this useless video […]

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Bangkok Travelog

July 20, 2011 in Thailand 14 Cheesed

Here are two useless videos that will give you zero help in exploring Bangkok. Have fun! Warning: also contains me trying desperately to cover the fact that i had shitty make up on but you still get to see me in shitty make up if you are nice enough to stay till the end. You’re […]

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