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The Truth—Episode 1

Week One 04/03/08 Tue 10:30pm This is the 2nd day and it feels like it’s been two months. I wasn’t told to bring a blanket, so i slept with a towel last night. Sleeping was better than what i had expected, nobody snores like a steam kettle fortunately. Bathroom arrangement is, well. You go imagine. […]

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Who wants to go to MTV Asia Award 2008

July 29, 2008 in Commercial Break 26 Cheesed

@Arena of Stars, Genting Highland, on 2nd August 2008? Okla, Edison Chen most likely wouldn’t be there, but that’s still not an excuse to not attend the industry’s most glamorous and memorable pan-regional music awards event in Asia!   Host Ya that’s right, it’s east meets west, like Forbidden Kingdom (omg someone please pierce a […]

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Who else is sick?

July 28, 2008 in Cheesellaneous 31 Cheesed

Omg i’m like the 5th person i know of who’s having flu this week. But i’m okay, recovering. 🙂   I’m planning to re-activate Cheesie’s Wardrobe. Maybe like a revamp or something. I know, no update since eons ago. Been dormant for so long. Just updated a new French Maid Costume. Go check it out. […]

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I hate people calling me babe

July 27, 2008 in Cheesoron 97 Cheesed

Eh i think i blogged about this before. Never mind. And i think punny people are very cute. Okay that’s totally random. But go back to the i hate people calling me babe thing. See it all happened when a lousy ex-boyfriend starting calling me that. He called me babe (!!!666). Okay fine he also […]

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A guy’s guide to sexiness

July 25, 2008 in Commercial Break 76 Cheesed

I think Robb is very hot. And sexy. And has a very good fashion sense. But too bad he is attached. 🙁   I asked Robb what he does to make himself sexy, and he gave me five tips. 1. Working out Robb swears that gymming makes him very sexy. Even before taking these photos […]

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July 24, 2008 in Commercial Break 59 Cheesed

I hate it when people say women are using PMS as an excuse to all bad behaviors. You think period pain and mood swings and headache and stomach cramps and acne right above your nose and sore breasts and bloated tummy and anxiety and the subconscious urge to sarcastically insult others and the incessant need […]

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