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November 30, 2008 in Senti-Emmental 40 Cheesed

was the time i woke up today. And now it is 8.59PM. And i am stuck at home listening to Sugarless Girl feeling fidgety. I wanted to watch a dvd but i didn’t want to. I wanted to continue reading American Gods but i didn’t want to. I should feel hungry but i am not. I wanted to talk to someone but […]

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Day 10: RM10 Hair cut in Shanghai!

November 29, 2008 in China 30 Cheesed

Or RM5? I can’t really remember. Zhong zi is very the cheap! Of course hair extension won’t look awesome without a hair cut. Even though it’s an RM5 one. Very good service. But they are a little pestery about the membercard thing. Apparently if you sign up you get like a 50% discount. So one […]

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Italiannies’ new pastas

I’m always fated with Italiannies. It’s probably the restaurant i blogged about most times in my entire archive. Two years ago i had a lousy pasta in one of the outlets, and i wrote an entry about it. Not long after, i received an email from the (then) kitchen manager of Itallianies to go over […]

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Sometimes an apology is not enough

November 27, 2008 in Just Punny 19 Cheesed

Source: BBC News You have been a very, very naughty girl.

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I bought myself a Christmas tree

November 26, 2008 in Commercial Break 59 Cheesed

because the one outside my balcony is dead. Well, half dead. What turf. But i think it is ngam-ngam in-season. Autumn ma.   If a Christmas tree also can die, i don’t think i can keep any living thing alive in my apartment. I suspect Cheddie is a modified CJ7. Anyway! All my friends know […]

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Hair Extension

November 25, 2008 in Happenings 69 Cheesed

******Update: Taken last night fresh after shower. With spanking new dryer. Super chun. Hair still full and long. ******/update   There’s this place in Hangzhou, it’s crazy. Human hair everywhere. Multitude of shades and lengths. All kinds of hair quality. Some thin, some coarse. But most of them better than my original hair anyway.   […]

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