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Byron bay

June 30, 2011 in Australia 53 Cheesed

To continue my unfinished trip to Byron Bay, NSW Australia! I sorta gotten really lazy so it will be less text and picture heavy! #1 This was still in Tweed, where we went on a Crab Catching Cruise. #2 Our first proper meal since landed. Super juicy and gigantic mud crab for everyone! Seriously it […]

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Hongkong Shopping Trip!

June 28, 2011 in Hong Kong 52 Cheesed

So i was editing these photo last night until hand pain and i came up with a genius idea. I was thinking Xiaxue and i could just each edit half and then exchange photos THAT WOULD SAVE SO MUCH TIME!!! But then today i woke up that woman for once is more hardworking than me […]

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Haul video + Giveaway

June 27, 2011 in Cheesellaneous 24 Cheesed

This is a blatant bribe because i obviously suck at Youtubing. Basically if you stay through this horribly long and shit quality video you might find it not that bad after all because i’m selecting ONE of you jerks who didn’t fall asleep during the video and is able to name me ONE thing you […]

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June 24, 2011 in Useless fashion 34 Cheesed

So i was very troubled because obviously it is time to blog and indeed i’m in the mood of blogging and by right i should start with my Hong Kong pictures but i was just  feeling super meh about it BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO SKIP RIGHT TO JAPAN and i was all maybe i […]

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Roaming around…

June 21, 2011 in Commercial Break 25 Cheesed

This year is like a half-Holiyear™. I didn’t really plan the holidays, they just sort of happened. Most of them are half work, and i’m really really grateful that what i am doing now allows me to have the free time to, as cliched as it sounds, see the world. But it is also this […]

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Ngo fan zhor lei la!!!

June 20, 2011 in Cheesellaneous 43 Cheesed

From HK and Japan!! If you haven’t already, watched this video i did before i left home. It’s about the crap i brought to HK and Japan. If i’m hardworking enough (which i am, if not i won’t be blogging the moment i got back home wtf) i will do a video about the crap […]

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