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Last post on Japan!

Cleared all Japan posts with this as the last one! I will be going to Tokyo end of August again for two weeks. 🙂   #1 Unagi rice bowl!   #2 Asari Mentaiko pasta!   #3 Look at the huge dollop of mentaiko on my pasta!!!    #4 My Mc D’s better than yours. It […]

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KOSÉ Save the Blue Project

July 30, 2012 in Commercial Break 13 Cheesed

A while ago Audrey and i went to Mid Valley for KOSÉ Save The Blue event. (Wore blue and coral necklace to fit the theme 😛 )   I was very curious what this  KOSÉ Save The Blue project is about! As the beautiful backdrop suggests,  KOSÉ Save The Blue project is actually an initiative by  KOSÉ to […]

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EMODA @Shibuya109

July 25, 2012 in Useless fashion 33 Cheesed

This is a shopping post during my visit to Japan last month! As you all know EMODA has invited me to touchMe AW 2012 fashion show and before the event, i went to Shibuya 109 to shop for my EMODA outfit!     Normally shopping malls in Japan is quite strict with photo taking but […]

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Cheesie’s Home

July 24, 2012 in Commercial Break 105 Cheesed

That’s the online version of Star Property article if you all missed print! And blog post on my haos as promised! All these while i never talked much about my house because first of all i feel a little unsafe to reveal too much about where i stay, and secondly i’m just very shy la. But […]

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Sakura and all things pink

After the yellowest blog post and the orangest blog post, i now present to you the pinkest blog post. #1 April is my favorite month of all time because of Sakura! And the happy spring mood in general! <3 The whole Tokyo is PINK! Because there are big posters everywhere and they are always about sakura […]

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My haos!

July 20, 2012 in Commercial Break 26 Cheesed

  My house was featured in Star Property last week! Me on Star Home front page summore!    And then center spread!  Wa nao i can auction it high price!!! No la. It doesn’t look as good as the photos. T_T And it NEVER looks as clean T_T. The wonder of photography. T_T. But that […]

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