I just realized that once your baby turns 1, you start to do less of those new mommy things. I am doing less kyaraben, record less videos… i don’t even have an opening pictures for this post.

Sorry JunJun your prime time is over lolol.

So… my baby turns 13 months old today!

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I am not sure how long i want to write this monthly thing for, but i think it would be fun to look back at all these entries, and think omg Junya, you were once a baby!!!!! Hahaha.


So here’s what happened in the past month!

For Baby

1. Baby graduation

So yea, my baby can officially walk. On his own. Which makes him graduate to a toddler now. He still wants to hold my hand so that he can walk reeeeeal fast, but i’m already dreading the day he just breaks free and 甩掉我的手 and says “mom, please, i can walk.” T____T.

He also graduated from crawling. Before we came back to Malaysia he would still crawl if he wants to get to a place real fast.Now he just walk walk walk walk walk walk zombieing his way around with his hands still stretched out in front lolol.

Junya can go shopping now!!!

Junya’s first stroll was in Hawaii!!! With papa and mama ❤︎


2. First words

Sometimes i thought my baby could speak German. Things he says are “arghcht”, “schweiss”, “fleisch”, etc. But what are his real first words?

You know how parents always have this jealousy over baby’s first word, whether it will be “papa” or “mama”.

Junya’s first word was “baaba“. Ok la my husband will be very very happy if he was Chinese. But he is not. And Baaba in Japanese means Granny. So… XD

Junya now can say “maama” or “mammmma“. But sometimes he would look at the danna and says “maama“. So… I guess it doesn’t count yet lolol. He also can try to say “cat”, “lamp”, “kitty”… or so i thought.


3. Catch, hide and seek

He now will sendiri run away and expects me to catch him -___-. When i walk towards him he would suddenly just do a U turn and giggle while staggering away awkwardly, and i am supposed to pretend to slow-mo run after him and catch him lolol.

He also enjoys “seeking”, where i would “hide” behind the curtain (totally see-through and feet-showing lol) and he would find me and squeals. XD

He will also chase Champon with a broom like a 扫把星 lolol.


4. Fever

He developed fever twice last month! Once when we first arrived in Hawaii and then after his 1-year-old vaccination. Both were low grade and faded after a few hours, really thankful it wasn’t so serious!


5. Weight

But he is still not gaining weight T_____T.

Every other baby is heavier than him now including babies aged 4 months -_-. I asked the PED repeatedly because he is also having really loose stools everyday and i was shocked so see how much undigested bits came out from his poo. Is he not absorbing anything he eats?! What i give him carrots for if it comes out exactly the same sate?! How to make him have solid poo?! Haih.

His height growth is well within the curve so the PED just says we will monitor for a while more.


6. Eating

He is horrible with eating again -_-

He won’t eat any carbs other than rice. And udon. He loooooves udon. Quinoa is ok. He hates bread. And pasta. Instant spit out -_-. Yesterday he just wasted my whole bowl of mentaiko fusilli Grrrrr! *flips table* But i think maybe he doesn’t like the texture of bread and macaroni. That or he is just really, really Asian lol.

He also doesn’t eat anything sweet omg. He doesn’t take any snacks (none of those baby biscuit/cookie/senbei/boro/wafer i bought fit his standards -___-) and it’s so hard to get him to eat fruits. Unless i hide it in his yogurt.

Also, he doesn’t want to use his own fork and spoon. *flips table* (He flip, not me this time lolol)

He wants to use chopsticks. He wants us to use chopsticks to feed him.

If you feed him with a spoon he just turns his face away disgustedly. But if you show up with food be tween chopsticks his moht will go O shape -_-.

Ok lo.

Also, he is finally using a sippy straw cup to drink because he finally re-learnt how to use a straw.

He mastered it at 6months because i got him many of those baby mugi tea and juices in a mini box in Japan

But come back to KL, i stopped giving him and he just forgot how to use a straw. -___-


For Mama

Having stayed in Japan for a month with Junya made me re-think many things.

Back home we actually hired a helper, because i didn’t trust myself that i could handle all these new mummy duties. And i didn’t really announce it publicly because it made me feel embarrassed and guilty, that it makes me feel like an incompetent mom. If Japanese moms can all do it why i cannot??? I know there’s nothing wrong with it and many mothers do the same thing or wish that they could do the same thing… but, one month of traveling made me realize that there’s nothing i cannot do myself.

Really! I feel that once you have become a mom, there’s nothing you cannot do.  (For the baby la. Not jumping off a plane. Unless it is for the baby too hahaha.) The problem is just if you feel like doing it or not.

Sure, sometimes the dishes will have to pile up, the dirty laundry overflows to the living room sofa, you will accidentally throw your camera into the washing machine (true story), and you will have to bring your baby to every meeting… And your house will look like this, all the time:

But i enjoyed that lifestyle so much more. It felt more like real family. But it could also be Japan. Hahaha so i don’t know.

I have been reducing work recently and stay home more, because i think that is the best job ever. To be a mom lolol. I know it sounds very unambitious as most of the mothers i know want to achieve more in life and be more successful, and maybe 3 years later i will change my mind again… But right now, my career success means having more food eaten on the table and less thrown on the floor lolol. And to actually have my husband tell me “today’s bento was good!“. (So far it hasn’t happened even once LOLOL so it is my new life goal now.)

Anyway, today is also the danna’s birthday. I just want to thank him for not only accepting who i am (including my borderline inedible bentos), but inspiring me to become who i want to be.

I don’t want to be the best mom in the world (because every mom thinks that she is), but i just want to be the best mom Junya can ever have.