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Meeting Champon ♡

Just a bunch of photos of me with sakura and cute puppies! It was early March, and apparently 2014 has a very late sakura bloom (early to mid April). But the moment i landed in Tokyo, i could not wait any longer. RinRin was my roommate for a couple of weeks, and we went for an […]

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Kiki & Lala Cafe, Tokyo

Tokyo photo post from March 2014!   So RinRin and i decided to check out the new Kiki & Lala (Little Twin Stars) Cafe in Shibuya. We have been to most of the theme restaurants in Tokyo and we can’t miss this one out! The cafe is at Shibuya Parco, about 5 minutes walk from Shibuya […]

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Junya’s Fullmoon Party

July 26, 2014 in Baby 11 Cheesed

A little late but here it is, tons of pictures! So Junya turned 1 month on 11 July!! Which is, coincidentally, his dad’s birthday as well. Anyway i am totally not a party sort of person (thanks to my major socially awkward character, and also because i am sooooo bad at planning parties, and also […]

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Hair Makeover with Number76

I’m sure you when it comes to precious locks, i entrust my hair complete to the team at Number76 (Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2 and Tokyo Omotesando branch). I have been with Number76 since 2011 and never did i once walk out of the salon feeling disappointed. In the past i was always quite […]

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July 22, 2014 in Commercial Break 7 Cheesed

Haro all! Today i want to introduce to you my current favorite make up remover!! Jeng jeng jeng… It is called Purevivi Cleansing Lotion. Never heard of it? Neither did i until few months ago when i was given a bottle for a review! From Japan and made in Japan, of course ♡ Now for […]

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Postnatal Coordinate

July 18, 2014 in Useless fashion 6 Cheesed

First coordinate collection after pregnancy! (Preggo coordinate post 1, 2, 3) Prenatal  Week 39 This was the last pregnancy coordinate, a day before i delivered. Now that i think about it, the whole pregnancy was just like a blink of an eye, the most part of it seems like a fuzz now and i feel like […]

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