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Year 2011

December 31, 2011 in Senti-Emmental 36 Cheesed

The purpose of this post is to make everybody else feel like they have done absolutely nothing for the last 365 days wtf. And also i just wanted an excuse to blog. And feel less shitty about aging. Here are some things that happened or i have done this year in a sort of kind […]

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Haru ♥ Sapporo

I’m still tak habis habis with my Hokkaido trip!! This is not even the last post yet! But because i’m going to Japan again i’m all excited again to blog about it 😀 So Xiaxue and i went to Otaru and HK thanks to Park Hotel Group, but since it’s such a great opportunity all […]

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Mermaid Hair Cheat One™

So i straightened my hair, but i miss my mermaid curls again. So i have mermaid curls. Again. (I’m a girl what do you expect?) #1 This time it is a lot easier because i just did the wave with a curler. #2 The triple barrel wave curler i have always wanted for a looooooooong […]

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New Year Eve Party

December 23, 2011 in Commercial Break / Happenings 22 Cheesed

Cliched, but how time flies. Can you believe it?! It’s end of the year again And the question is always, where do we party this time around?! i always feel very ambivalent about spending the last day of the year. Some years i wish i could go to a happening place and celebrate (hopefully with […]

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December 22, 2011 in Commercial Break 30 Cheesed

I’m probably the laziest person i know of. I could probably perform mental acrobatics when it comes to thoughts and ideas. But physically even a slug burns more calories than me. I have zero interest in sports and i do zero exercise. ZERO. 0. Kosong. Ling. I’m so lazy that the only physical activity i […]

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NAPBAS: Useless Fashion is Not Useless

December 21, 2011 in Happenings / The Stinky Cheese 158 Cheesed

Ok so this is the NAPBAS post finally!! Maybe you’re sick of hearing me say thank you ad nauseam already (but i haven’t got sick of hearing you congratulate me so keep them coming wtf #megusta) so here are just shitloads of photos from the NAPBAS night. So. Where do i start. I guess all […]

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