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Tokyo Life 2015 Summer

So we are back for a month this time! Other than a week in Hawaii, we actually have nothing planned (though the danna has to work most of the time), so it’s really just living a family life in Tokyo. This time around things are quite different from last winter. Firstly it’s nearing summer so […]

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Junya’s first education

May 26, 2015 in Baby 3 Cheesed

The danna and i have quite different views on education when it comes to raising a child together. I studied hard (half voluntary half reluctant) and got straight As throughout my student life (paiseh to boast like this but really wan), graduated from a local uni, never even stepped my foot in the corporate world, ever, and […]

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Nagasaki with Junya (III)

To continue from the previous post on Unzen, Nagasaki! So the danna, Jiji, JunJun and i was on a family trip to Unzen, a place famous for its hotspring (and the volcano) in Nagasaki. And we stayed at one of the traditional Ryokan. I looooooove Tatami. AND!!! Private onsen. There was an outdoor onsen bath connected […]

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Brunch at Underground Société

Ever since i had Junya, eating out has become an occasional luxury instead of an everyday affair. I am also more selective of the eating places we go. Is it child-friendly? How is the hygiene level? Is parking easy? Comfortably spacious and non smoking? … etc etc. Taste alone is no longer the sole deciding […]

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New hair @number76

May 17, 2015 in Hair Cheat One™ 5 Cheesed

Hair update!   Number76 Publika This was actually last month, not long after Number76 Publika opened. I was there to redeem my birthday treatment, even though i’m already sponsored la hahhaha. *kiasu* Hair date with JunJun! Yes, soon you’ll be allowed to eat the cookie ok. Love sitting by the window! City of cactus. So that […]

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Tokyo Yakiniku

The danna and i probably crave Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) the most when we are not in Japan. Once a while we would splurge on some atas BBQ restaurants but we can’t afford to do that every month. T__T. The last time we paid four figure for a meal for 4. It’s just too ridiculoussssss. Sooooo where can […]

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