19 months

January 11, 2016 in Baby

Junya turns 19 months today. ^^

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This is really my favorite kind of blog post! I look forward every month to writing this and see how my little toddler has progressed!

So let’s see what happened in the past month:


For Baby

Understanding the world

From an infant who can only flail his arms and cry out loud for milk, Junya is starting to understand how some small little things of a big, big world work. He understands more and more objects and actions. When we watched a movie together (Dawn of the Planet of the Ape), he pointed at the TV and said “monkey!” when the apes appeared and then turned to me and said “kiss, kiss!” in a curious expression when the two main characters exchanged a smooch.

He knows what things belong to who. When i picked him up from school one day, i asked him to go fetch his shoes. He not only did fetch his own shoes, he also fetched MINE. And said “mama, shoe!

Thank you baby.

When we want to go out, he would volunteer to fetch papa’s shoes and mama’s shoes, and then last his own shoes. So sometimes papa will have to end up wearing his beach slippers to a nice restaurant for dinner lol.

He also knows emotions. Champon was barking in protest cuz he couldn’t get a tasty chicken, and Junya looked at him with concern, turned to me and said “Champon angry“.

Sometimes he would accidentally hit me out of frustration, and i would go very very quiet and tell him that it hurts me and i am sad about it. He would go very very quiet too for a few seconds, and then lean over and pat me gently.

One day i was reading his bed time story, and then i pretended to be a monster and growled at him. For the first few times he giggled, but when i did it louder he said, “No no, scary.” and turned over.



He will call himself JunJun. Every time he sees my iPhone screen saver or Instagram pictures (which are mostly pictures of him hahaha), he’d smile and say “JunJun!” . Ok already so vain at 18 months old lol.

He has more and more requests! When i sing him bed time songs, he’d stop me half way and say “bus“. Oooookay. Then i’ll go, the wheels on the bus go round and round…. and then he’d interrupt and say “baby. baby.” So i’ll start again and go, the baby on the bus goes….

Sometimes he’d request to have turtles, pandas, papa and Champon on the bus. XD

For the past few weeks he has also been talking non stop!!!! Sometimes he’s especially chatty when he is extremely sleepy. Today he said “Yakult…. Yeahhhh. Rubbish….. JunJun….” and then fell asleep promptly lolol. Anyone care to decode his prophecy? XD

He can also say 3 different words now! Ok la for very long he was able to say 10 or even 50 words provided it was all the same word, and the most commonly uttered word is, “open, open, open, open, open, open, open…..” until whatever openable is opened lol.

But now he can say, “mama go there!“, “its bis spider!“, “thank you (very) much!“… etc.



It was such a hard decision to make. I found the perfect school for him but here’s the dilemma: we would probably spend half our time in Singapore, but Junya’s school fees are by per semester, whether you attend every day or not. Meaning i’ll be paying full price for half the time he will be spending. Not to mention we probably need to find a new school for another half the time in Singapore!!! IN SGD!!!! T___T.

But i really think it is worth it.

Junya is adjusting really well and i love the fact that he is learning something new with new people everyday, who are not his mom.

I also secretly love the fact that when i pick him up, he’d run to me extra lovingly and say “mama, hug, hug.



Many many mothers have warned me about the agony of teething. I fully braced myself for it. When the first four front teeth came out, nothing whatsoever happened. So i just thought i had a very strong baby lol.

Who knows….

When. the. first. molars. came. out.

Actually they were coming out but they were totally being an asshole to take forever to sprout. And it was the worst thing. (Now all the mothers are laughing – Wait till the canines and second molars to come out!! Sigh.)

I wasn’t sure if it was entirely because of teething, (the doctor said it was most probably not teething related, so it could be a combination of unfortunate events) Junya had fever three. freaking. times. In a month.

And he hadn’t eaten anything other than his milk and some seaweed for two whole weeks. It was probably one of my worst times of being a mother. When your baby is weighing lesser and lesser and watching their chubby cheeks disappear. T__T.

He also had two whole weeks of super crazy diarrhoea, so much that he would wake up 3 times at night and whine “itai…. itai… itai….” (painful, painful, painful) and “poo poo… change… change….“. It was like he was 2 months old again. Except now he could verbalize it.

He also had UTI. T______T. Every time he peed he would cry in pain and demanded me to change his diaper (somehow he thought that it was the diaper that made him hurt and that after changing it would be much better). Japanese diapers probably had higher sales on that particular week lol.

But everything came to an abrupt change on 4th Jan 2016. I remember it clearly because Qiu Qiu and i was having dinner just downtstairs of Number76 SG before the party, and Junya ate the whole lunch box which was meant for ME, leaving me and Qiu Qiu pleasantly in shock.


Bring me fooood!

Suddenly, Junya is eating like i have starved him for weeks.

Why so serious.


The change was drastic. Like, literally overnight. Suddenly he is eating not just udon but porridge and rice and even bread. Like, BREAD. Just one day before he didn’t even want to touch that fluffy carb stuff like, at all!!!


This was his dinner today:

He finished all of it, and then he took a shower. After the shower he demanded, “hungry, hungry!” And then i gave him a piece of cheese bread.

He finished a whole piece.

And then he had milk and slept.

From mama hell now i have just sat in a rocket straight up to mama heaven.

Also also!! He’s become very adventurous with food! When we eat out, he’d stare at the food he’s never seen before and say, “try, try.

Today at a dimsum place he insisted trying chili sauce. The really spicy kind.

I dipped a chopstick in it and let him try.

He gave a disgusted face, and then said, “more more“. We repeated this 5 times, and we only stopped because i didn’t want him to have spicy diarrhoea.


Potty Training

I refused to think about potty training and just went along with the thinking that “nobody goes to university in a diaper” lol.

BUT recently it has crossed my mind that maybe Junya is ready to be potty trained. No thanks and thanks to his UTI and diarrhoea, he becomes very particular about his diapers. Every time his diaper is full he’d demand it to be changed.

And every time he poo poo he would go quietly to one corner and hide until his business is over. He’d get angry if anyone goes near him lol.

Sometimes if i don’t catch him at the corner, he’d come to me and tell me “poo poo” and i’ll change him.

So yea, little boy urinal, baby toilet and lots of training pants now!


First time to Thailand

Another new stamp on his passport!!

JunJun, you will travel around the world with us 🙂

Even if you don’t remember anything, you can still come to this blog 20 years later and see what kind of places we have gone together. 🙂



For Mama

Speaking about traveling with Junya, i got this FB comment the other day when Junya was having high fever.

Never had i in my entire 19 months of motherhood thought that bringing my child to travel with me is an selfish act that is so, so erroneous. (Plus the fever had absolutely nothing to do with traveling. The last time we flew was in October 2015. The virus/bacteria overseas must have had a damn mighty and long life.)

To be honest, if given a choice, i would never want to travel without Junya unless it is for work. Even so i’d probably give up work. (Unless it is Japan lolol.) The danna and i just cannot be one of those parents who can enjoy romantic couple times together and leave our child with other caretakers while we sip on champagne and stare lovingly at the Pyramids. (At least not until he can properly cook his own instant noodle and call 999 lol.) And that would be our definition of selfish parents. We would be so miserably missing our child and be like, screw the Pyramids!!  We have come to terms with this before we decided to have a child. That from now on time most time we spend will be family time together.

I do, though, really really pity this mother’s children because, what kind of mother lock their children at home for FIVE years in fear of being exposed to health risks?! (Unless it’s a zombie apocalypse happening then i’ll totally do the same lolol.) How about school? How about some happy playground time? How about seeing the world?

Maybe we have really really different philosophy when it comes to parenting, i’m nobody to judge her, but for our family, traveling is one of the biggest joys in our lives, including for Junya. Even if that means he may potentially catch a bug and have a cold. But the precious memories we will have together would be priceless for life.

So yes i’m totally ready to renew Junya’s passport due to running out of pages for new stamps lolol.

Tomorrow i am leaving to Osaka for work. And the end of the month another work trip to Tokyo. Not allowed to bring Junya so i guess that makes me a more responsible mom for that reader lolol.

But nevermind! In February we are going back to Japan again, ALL FOUR OF US! 😀

As for tomorrow, I wish i could bring both but i could only bring one of my children, which is the one that’s still inside of me lolol.

Already seeing the world from before she is even born. ^^


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  1. Namigoori says:

    Congrats on 19 months ^-^
    I think it’s wonderful you take him traveling with you! I flew from Norway to the US and Canada before I turned one, my parents have taken both me and my sister with them ever since we were born, and I can’t see how this has affected us badly, quite the contrary. But I guess people have different types of parenting, however it irks me when they try to enforce their views on others. I also believe it’s necessary to expose children to dirt and bacteria (not the dangerous kinds of course) from time to time, as this will only strengthen their immune system. We were always allowed to try (moderately) dangerous things, because then we learned the consequences of it. Anyways, just my thoughts and I stress that everyone has their own opinion and that’s fine.
    Anyways, I’m really happy you let Junya take part in your experiences – especially traveling – as in my opinion it enriches his life and is marvelous for education. Plus it strengthens you as a family 🙂 Keep up the good work <3

  2. Isabellmiao says:

    That woman is either got berated by other moms so much that now she gets revenge by berating other moms OR she never got berated by other people so she doesn’t now how much it hurts to be accused that a mom prioritise her own happiness over her children wtf. Ask her to mind her own business and use that time to work OT so she can save some money to go traveling with her children now. RUDEEEEE!!!

  3. Scarlett says:

    Congratz to Junjun and the mama!
    Cheesie, Are you going to spend this upcoming CNY in Malaysia?

  4. Larry says:

    Funny that Amy Kong hates on you bigtime and then says “I’m sure haters are going to criticize me” — ironic much? Anyway she’s probably upset because her husband fell off the Empire State Building ….

  5. Amy says:

    IF you care to read all my comments properly, then you will realise that I do sed y kids to playschool, swimming pools and we do go outside into public shopping. Just that I limit the outings and I ake sure we don’t travel overseas too much. I don not lock up my kids, like you think. You took your child to Japan, then Hawaii,, then Singapore. Personally, I think 2-3 times overseas flights is too much for a young child’s immune system. My children have gone to Singapore and Thailand, but only once a year.
    You said your doctor said your child’s fever and diarrhoea is not due to teething, then what is it due to then? What is the cause? State the fact out in the open, do not leave it hanging.

    If you think my opinion is rubbish, then you can delete it and move on. But since you want to comment blindly, it just shows what a bad reader you are and the kind of bimbo brain you have.


    • jessica says:

      errr, well, smarty pants mom, you do realize the risk of your bringing your children to public playground and swimming pool is ALL the same as bringing your kids into a plane? If you catch a bug you catch a bug… how about YOU CAN GET DENGUE FROM A PARK? Do you not bring your children to go to parks? lololololol. I too would rather my daughter get an occasional fever than having a paranoid borderline obsessive compulsive mom like you…. Pity your children really.

    • Mie says:

      “Never been a fan of yours and never will be”

      Why are you in this site or even commenting on her FB page? Do you find it fun to get mad at Cheesie who is perhaps a stranger to you? Please enlighten me of your wisdom. I love to give advice to others too, should I start with strangers as well?


      • Larry says:

        Because she’s a hater and that’s what they do! Notice she keeps calling cheese-san a “bimbo” — something plain girls always call beautiful girls when they have nothing else to say. She’s so jell! So she searches every word of cheese-san’s brilliantly funny blog looking for stones to throw and finally finds something and gleefully throws her stone on FB. What a vinegar jar! It’s sad really.

    • K says:

      The people I hate the most are the “perfect” moms who think they cracked the code to child rearing. Every mom is different and it is obvious Cheesie loves Junya and is trying her best for him (even if I sometimes don’t agree with her choices). You can voice your opinion without being rude or condescending – face it, you’re not saying this stuff for Junya’s sake, you’re doing it out of your own ego and self righteousness like you’re in a child-rearing contest. If you don’t like Cheesie that much, why do you spend so much time stalking her social media? Spend that time on your kids.

    • Early Childhood Educator says:

      Dear Amy,

      it is parents like you, teachers like us really LOVE to avoid. From your comments i can tell what kind of parents you have been to your children’s teachers. The way you slobber your comments pon social media tells alot. I have met quite a number of parents who bragge their children have never fell sick during their first 5 years of life. Brag on until one day when their immune system gone weak, it will be the death of you. Children who attend child care centre/school at early age or are expose to new environment or with other sick children will developed stronger immune system growing compare to children who seldom fall sick during their first five year. Exposing children to new culture, travelling to new country, see new things, is part of learning and very educational as well. I personally dont see anything wrong with Cheesie’s choice to bring her son around travelling with her. Even a child who stays home WILL fall sick and imagine if someone were to judge you? I really hope you do something about your attititude because no one likes sour parents.

  6. Amy says:

    If you care to read all my comments properly, then you will realise that I do send my kids to playschool, swimming pools and we do go outside into public shopping area. Just that I limit the outings and I make sure we don’t travel overseas too much. I do not lock up my kids, like you think. You took your child to Japan, then Hawaii, then Singapore. Personally, I think 2-3 times overseas flights is too much for a young child’s immune system. My children have gone to Singapore and Thailand, but only once a year.
    You said your doctor said your child’s fever and diarrhoea is not due to teething, then what is it due to then? What is the cause? State the fact out in the open, do not leave it hanging. I believe just before he got sick, you went for a road trip.

    If you think my opinion is rubbish, then you can delete it and move on. But since you want to comment blindly, it just shows what a bad reader you are and the kind of bimbo brain you have.


    • Kae says:

      Hahahahahha wtf? You deranged woman.

    • rainbowsushi says:

      Excuse me Amy, i saw Cheesie’s feed that she JUST posted this blog post few minutes ago and you are here commenting already? And you said you are not a fan and never will be? HAHAHHAHAHAH. You sound like her biggest fan! Welcome to the club!!! 😀

      • Amy says:

        I am no a fan. It’s my niece who reads her blog and told me about her comments. Another bimbo person talking, HAHAHAHA!
        Go on, haters. Internet is a free place, you can say all you want. So can I, duh..

        • rainbowsushi says:

          Do you advice your niece’s mom to lock her at home too? is that why all she can use is the internet? HAHAHHAHAHAHA.

        • jiahui says:

          I’m pretty sure her niece is a made up person. She is just too shy to admit she is Cheesie’s biggest fan hahaha. I mean, why else did she rush here first thing and comment? She must be checking Cheesie’s stuff every 3 seconds. Now i suspect the stories of her kids are made up too. 🙂

        • Maeyean says:

          Hello Amy – you know what, having an opinion about Cheesie’s lifestyle is pretty normal and I think most people would agree that it is okay to share that opinion especially when there is a forum for it. What you’ve done that isn’t so nice, is to pass judgement on how another person chooses to raise their child and live their life. You sound like a proud, loving mother to 3 beautiful children, so it’s peculiar that you are extremely liberal with your choice of words yet preach about how Cheesie should baaasically take a leaf out of your motherhood book. There is a fine line between sharing experience out of care and concern for another, and giving unsolicited advice. Quite frankly, your approach is unbecoming and rude.

      • Scarlett says:

        hahahaha you are saying what I’m thinking! *high fives*

    • amyisstupid says:

      Have you ever read any news or research? It seems like you are doing the exact opposite in the name of protecting your children. Ignorant much before you open your stupid mouth?


      Reason No.1 : 1. Significant Brain Development Happens Before the Age of Five
      Looks like your kids aren’t gonna be very bright as a result of having a selfish mother like you.

      Like every other commentors here said, pity your children.

    • yuene says:

      Hey Cheesie!

      I travelled quite a fair bit as a child (I’ve got photos of me as an infant/toddler in bus stations etc). While we didn’t travel on planes, we did take plenty of bus rides on those grimy, old buses, with pit stops at some of the most unhygienic of rest stops (PLUS stop toilets, anyone? /shudder). Yeah, maybe we might have fallen sick (or not), but guess what? I don’t remember the times when I was sick, I only remember digging up hermit crabs with my sisters on the beaches of Langkawi, or dancing in the fog up in Genting, or drinking fresh coconuts at my grandaunt’s house in Sitiawan. Did I mention that we got into a car crash on one such road trip when I was an infant? I escaped with a few cuts :p

      My point (and this is to you too, Amy) is, I would rather have had all those experiences, and yeah, maybe we would have fallen ill, but it’s the good times and the fun I had with my family that will stay with me forever. I think that’s worth the rest of the trouble that might occasionally come with these.

      PS pro-tip for clearing the big one from the potty–line the potty with a couple of layers of toilet paper first. This allows the faeces to stick to the paper instead of the potty, so transferring it into the toilet bowl is a lot faster (and reduces mess!) I learned that from my grandma.

    • Emma says:

      Also, don’t lie. I saw your comment on Cheesie’s FB and i even replied you. Which you have deleted out of embarrassment.

      Explain to all of us here. Which part of your comment now says that “I do send my kids to playschool, swimming pools and we do go outside into public shopping area. Just that I limit the outings and I make sure we don’t travel overseas too much.”? Did you just make that all up just so you can defend yourself? Hypocrite much?

    • Viv says:

      It’s interesting that you claim to dislike her so much, yet you constantly check her social media accounts and blog, as well as putting in the effort to comment. Your lame excuse isn’t fooling anyone – we all know you’re the pathetic one, not your niece, reading her blog for the sole purpose of hating. I also don’t know where you are getting your medical advice from (probably your ass), but you are extremely misinformed. There are very few incidences of pediatric illnesses that have occurred that were associated with traveling overseas. Any risks that baby or toddler might face are similar to that of an adult, i.e. Diarrhea (this is the proper way to spell it btw), vomiting, dermatologic issues, and etc. I’ve worked in the medical field for a number of years now and have yet to hear a doctor advise a patient not to travel with their toddler because “it is too much for their immune systems.” You seem to have a lot of spare time on your hands for a perfect mother of three. Here’s some sound medical advice – get a life. 🙂

  7. joey says:

    Amy, is this how you will tell your children when they ask for a school trip or a holiday?

    “No, sweetheart. Mommy is afraid that you will get sick from all your traveling.”
    “But all my schoolmates are going!”
    “No sweetheart, those moms are bad readers and have bimbo brains. They are no good for their own children. I am the best because i do all i can do keep you from falling sick.”

  8. Kay says:

    I am a true believer follower of actual science that states immune system are slowly built up via exposure (thats how vaccines work anyway). Children get sick and then move on. Its natural.So what’s the big fuss about so called *appearing* more superior with condemn entitlements if your kids get sick less due to limited exposure?

    Anyhow there are more than just 1 way to raise children,just because someone does it differently does not make them any lesser than you.

  9. Amy says:

    And by the way, I never stop my niece reading about Cheesie. It is her right to be her fan. If Cheesie never comments about me here, I will also not bother saying anything.

    • betty says:

      I am also a mom of two and i wish i could bring my 20 months old and 6 years old to travel as much as Cheesie. I admire her effort and bravery actually. You have to understand that bringing children for traveling is no easy task (i am sure you understand since you said that you have also brought yours overseas before). I just think it is not very nice to use such harsh words on her like saying that it serves her right and that is is a “wrongdoing”. So do you honestly feel what you do for your kids are 100% right? Even if you do that’s fine, because every mom wants the best for their children and i’m sure Cheesie does too. Surely you are not feeling good now that the table is turned to be at you. Be more considerate, we are all mothers.

    • wq says:

      she never comment about you in the first place, you started the comment about how shes “wrong” and how it serves her right that her baby is sick.. you can be rude and mean and she cant comment about you? wow what a selfish rude lady you are. I pity your kids to have a mom that is not only narrow minded but selfish, rude and self-righteous. I hope your kids don’t grow up to be like you. what a joke you are.

  10. Aling Tan says:

    I don’t think the fever is related to traveling.
    I don’t really agree that kids have to be at home to years. I have 3years old nephew who always at home, and never go out one. I realize he has difficulties in socializing with people, sometimes he’s sick as well even he is at his own home. Well, different parents have different style of parenting. But, if I can choose, I will choose your parenting style..

  11. justmerryn says:

    I can’t find the Amy Kong comment on your FB, did she deleted it out of shame? She also private her profile… truly a coward. Don’t bother about her. Just a sore loser who probably is not loved by her kids and husband.

  12. jessica says:

    Hi Cheesie,
    So glad that JunJun eating so well again. I think that’s what diarrhea does to baby as mine started eating so much after diarrhea. Like you said, the diarrhea starved them

  13. Ida says:

    Hi Cheesie, I’m about to give birth and my husband and I are avid travelers too. Before we got pregnant, I think we traveled almost every other month (well, even after we got pregnant, we still traveled). We are looking forward to our first trip as a family in April (baby will be 3 months then). I think it’s nice to do things together as a family as it bonds us closer and since traveling is our favourite pastime, I don’t see a reason why we should stop, just because we have a baby. In fact, depriving yourself/your spouse from something they love to do will strain a marriage. 🙂

  14. Emma says:

    Being a mother myself, Amy’s comment makes me SO ANGRY. She will probably end up with 3 overly protected children with no flus or fevers, granted, but they are going to grow up being terrible human beings with no manners because their mother IS SO RUDE. How can a mother say things like that to another mother? Srsly If Amy’s children is old enough to read, i wonder what they will think about what she said and if they will be ashamed of their own mother.

  15. Emma says:

    Also, don’t lie. Amy. I saw your comment on Cheesie’s FB and i even replied you. Which you have deleted out of embarrassment.

    Explain to all of us here. Which part of your comment now says that “I do send my kids to playschool, swimming pools and we do go outside into public shopping area. Just that I limit the outings and I make sure we don’t travel overseas too much.”? Did you just make that all up just so you can defend yourself? Hypocrite much?

  16. llucidity says:

    Amy. Do yourself a favour and shut up.

  17. Lim says:

    Hi Chessie. Loved ur blog. However just for ur info the air inside the cabin of an airplane is actually very dirty as bacteria and virus are recirculated. So the chances of baby getting infected with virus is higher due to their weaker immune system. Thats why i would recommend parents not to travel with their kids too if they are sock or unwell. 🙂

  18. Savvybaby says:

    Cabin air being recirculated and germ-infested is a common misconception. The air is actually mixed with air from the outside and filtered with hospital-grade-HEPA filters.
    Details at




    Or Google your own ref

    • Lim says:

      Hi. All the bleed air will be recirculate into the mixing unit which wont be service for cleanliness. The hepa filter is also a part that not required changing for lifetime unless it has fail. Due to the moisture of the cabin, mold n bacteria most probably grows easily. The lufthansa link u provided is actually for the public just to ensure that most ppl travel by air. Im a commercial pilot flying both airbus n boeing wide body jets. Just for ur info. No offense. 🙂

      • Mizuka says:

        Hi Lim, what type of aircraft do you fly? My husband is flying Airbus A330.

      • Savvybaby says:

        Ok. So they’re deliberately misleading people with this statement:
        “Previously, some health experts were concerned that airlines might not service those HEPA filters as often as they should. But Gendreau says both health and economic concerns help insure that airlines do. “If HEPA filters age, they start collecting material. That creates drag and airplanes start burning more fuel. And these days airlines are not interested in wasting fuel.”

        This is not an argument against you. I really want to know. Since you should know as you’re a commercial pilot although I rather wish you were an aircraft engineer doing the actual maintenance but maybe these people won’t have the interest to read fashion blogs like these.

        Are you a girl pilot? That’s really awesome if you are

        • Lim says:

          Im a male pilot but a big cheesie fan. Im also an aeronautical engineer before u started flying. Even the filter is clean. The bleed air is actually from the engine itself and most of the time circulates together with the air in cargo bay which carries lots of toxic cargo items. Even the engines bleed may be toxic due to oil leaks or fuel fumes. Only lately aviators are aware of the toxic air they are inhaling and leads to lawsuits against boeing. But it is still safe for most ppl only not ill kids or babies. 🙂

  19. Mie says:

    I’m saying this as a young caregiver of my mom with multiple adult disease (diabetes and hypertension to name a few)..


    If you can afford to travel now, just go. Don’t wait until your kids turn into adults. Being sick is a part of life. You can’t forever prevent illness. Countless of health freaks still get sick. There are disease that can’t be prevented. I’d say worried about a healthy child getting sick is an illness on it’s own.

    Don’t regret and resent later on in life.

    I’m in a midst of planning a trip for my family and it scares me 100X more than you could ever imagine but I am going overseas. Hotels needs to be wheelchair accessible, I need to arrange treatment in hospital during the trip and I have to consider all the details you don’t have to care about.

    I have no experience with a child so I’m not comparing but I’m sharing this info so you can see from a different point of view.

  20. VT says:

    Hi Chessie. Love your blog. You mention about your son UTI. I am not too sure if there is further workup but boy dont usually get UTI. I am just concern but properly your doctor will do the best for your son

  21. Chisaki says:

    Hi Cheesie, I am speaking from a preschool educator point of view – I fully support how you view parenting. Children learn best from experience, and outdoor activities are really what builds up their immune system, not the other way round. In addition, by giving them exposure to various cultures, landscapes and environment, it really effectively broadens their spectrum of knowledge, and allows them to learn more through such experiences. It is really important that children get to go out and construct their own knowledge, it aids in their cognitive development really well! It is normal for children to fall sick, that should not be a reason for parents to compromise on their exposure to the world. Based on what you post on Junya, he is definitely developing well in various areas of development! Really looking forward to see how he will be when your baby girl is born 🙂

  22. Mizuka says:

    Gomen Cheesie San, you have a lot of comments but I hope you can reply 🙂

    My daughter now only wants oppai. She’s an Oppai monster www, I want to get her to drink milk.
    How did you get Junjun to take a bottle?

    I have pigeon bottles and tried ほほえみ と はいはい ミルク. She refuses and just wants Oppai.
    Any advice?

  23. Anita says:

    I wish my parent was that adventurous…. It’s my grandpa who let me see the magic of traveling and since them i always crave for more. Went to japan last year and got to know your blog while doing my research . Japan is indeed magical , i am hooked…. : D Parenting is not my concern cause I haven’t got any child … But i believe every mommy want the best for their child … ^^ ganbate ne … Can’t wait to see more japan through your eyes

  24. Windy says:

    I pity Amy’s children.. Which kids doesn’t get sick? Nvr allow them to travel until they are 5 years old is overly protective. But then again, we can’t judge on others parenting skills, since there’s no right or wrong in parenting. Just wondering why she would say such thing to attack Cheesie, like a brainless woman living in her own world.

    “most of you mothers out there know that I’m right” OMG…how can she be so full of herself? I’m a mother myself and I admire Cheesie so much on her effort n bravery to bring her kid along when she’s travelling. Bcos I know how tough it is to bring such a young kid out, especially long haul flight! I seriously think Cheesie is a very loving mother that would sacrifice so much for her kid by bringing JunJun out to see the world. And guess what? As a mother, when your kid gets sick, do you think the mother will suffer any lesser than the kid? No! The mother suffers the most! Yet she still choose to bring her kid out to see the world, to experience, to feel, to learn, to have fun…And getting sick at young age can build up their immune system and their body will become stronger.. I thought this is a common sense. No mothers would want their kids to get sick, but this is part and parcel of life, take it and move on.
    I think Amy is simply too scared of taking care of her sick babies, hence locked her kids up for 5 years. Since you say the internet is free and everyone can say what they want. My comment to you is, “You are the selfish and irresponsible mom yourself”

  25. Mahya says:

    Wow! I’ve done some traveling as a baby and I was just fine.

  26. Jessica says:

    That might be the most silly thing I have ever seen anyone comment. Don’t even waste your time on haters and their silly remarks. Only an immature person (who unfortunately in this case is a mother too) would come with such hateful comment. With parents like that no wonder kids these days bully so much.

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