Monthly Archives / May 2016

Live Squid in Saga Prefecture

Stealing some time to blog during the nap time of two babies!! During our trip to Nagasaki earlier this March, we had one day free after our overnight stay in Huis Ten Bosch, so the danna asked if I wanted to visit Saga prefecture, which is about just half an hour drive away from Sasebo, […]

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The first week

May 25, 2016 in Baby / Pokemom / Shoutouts 19 Cheesed

Baby Sakura has been home with me for more than a week now. It feels like nothing has changed, but everything has changed. There’s one more tiny human in our house!!! Yes I promise. 🙂   Here are some of the things I felt after I gave birth: 1. I didn’t expect the second surgery […]

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The Japan Professional Deodorant QB

May 23, 2016 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

The weather has been so crazy hot recently, or is it just me? After giving birth, I have been staying home a lot to take care of one toddler and one baby, and even though the aircon is on, I feel like I am constantly trapped inside a sauna! I really cannot imagine other mommies who […]

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My first book!

May 18, 2016 in Happenings 36 Cheesed

I have already announced it on my social media but here it is again! My first book titled “How I Make A Living Blogging” is out! I have not mentioned anything about this until it is actually out in the bookshelves, because I didn’t believe that it would actually happen! A million thanks to MPH, […]

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My Baby #2

May 17, 2016 in Baby / Pokemom 35 Cheesed

Baby #1 here, on 16th June 2014. Baby #2. Thank you for coming to this world. ^^   When I entered my 38th week of pregnancy, I started panicking. The baby was head down but she was still posterior, and showing no sign of engaging. It was exactly the same the first time around with […]

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23 months

May 11, 2016 in Baby 5 Cheesed

Junya turns 23 months today. And in a few day’s time, he is going to be a brother. ^^ (Also read  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month,  8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month , 15th month , 16th month , 17th month , 18th months , 19th month , 20th month ,21st month and 22nd month here.) A quick update! For Baby Sleep By Himself I consider […]

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