Junya turns 2 years 3 month old today, and Sakura is 4 months old now.


Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

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Hi Bae Sakura

Last month he was still occasionally like “dowan bae Sakua.” But it surprises me that I don’t remember hearing him say anything like that the past few weeks! I guess it took about 4 months for him to completely come to accept that Sakura is here to stay as part of the family, whether his mama grows a couple of extra arms or not.

Maybe it’s Sakura’s turn to say “Dowan niichan” lol.

He also learns about patience. When baby Sakura goes for a nap, he knows that he gets lots of intimate JunJun Special Time with mama, so now whenever baby cries, he doesn’t panic anymore. In fact when I say “Give me a few minutes, I help baby Sakura go to sleep first ok?” he will instantly light up, look very happy and get busy on his own. 😀

Hi bae Sakua. ❤︎


Pause Button

Other than patience, Junya also learns how to control his emotions.

A few months ago we had the classic and embarrassing collapse-on-the-floor-in shopping-mall-howling-murder incident for the first time.

Many friends had commented that Junya is very well-behaved and has a gentle personality, so I thought maybe we were lucky enough to escape this ominous destiny but alas we were wrong. Well… that was awkward lol. For the first time I was at the receiving end of other onlooker’s disapproving stares. And I thought, alright. I had to go through this after all. Just like other mothers with tantrumy kids, I sighed to myself thinking how long this dreading phase will last.

He still can burst into instant tears when he doesn’t get what he wants, but recently he learns how to reason. I could at least press his pause button by telling him, “Junya, I don’t understand what you are saying when you cry. Please calm down and tell me.” Or, “Can you please ask nicely?” So from “WANT!! WANT WANT!!!!! *bawls*” he would pause and say in a small voice “Can I have more Pokemon? Please?” while sniffling a bit. Lolol. It’s very cute la aiyo give you la give you la XD.

Sometimes I can’t help but abuse this negotiation power a little bit just to get myself out of an imminent meltdown, but his ability to listen and calm down makes things soooooooo much easier. I wonder if the Terrific Two (I refuse to see them as terrible still hahaha) is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel??? Well even if it is not an end it is at least a pause. And I really appreciate that.


A Brother

He learns to be a brother.

His mother keeps brainwashing him: “Thank you so much, because Junjun is kind and Sakura is happy.” And now he chants it all the time like his life mantra – “Junjun is kind and Sakura is happy.” lolol.

One day this happens:

While the two of them were napping on bed, I decided to just relax and sit next to them and do some social mediaing.

And then Sakura started fussing and making some whiney noises.

With his eyes still closed, still half-asleep, Junya fidgets a little, he reached out and touched his baby sister, and gave her light pats with his fingers on her arm. And then the two of them drifted away to dreamland again.

I was really touched. Him doing it subconsciously makes the gesture even more endearing.

He is indeed becoming a brother.


Toilet Training

Well. back to ground zero. With so much traveling happening I really just prefer to clean up soiled diapers than to run between toilets and miss flights. -_-


Bottle Weaning

Finally weaned him off the bottle although sometimes he still goes “don’t want cup! I want bottle. Two hundred (ml) milk”.


Favorite color

Favorite color is still pink. Favorite Pokemon is Clefairy.


JunJun says

Recently he talks so much to the point we have to silent him lolol. Most of the time it is him trying to re-enact a scene (or stitch together several scenes like pieces of random puzzles that don’t make sense) that happened before to himself.

He will try very, very hard to explain something with a lot of gestures (usually is drawing circles with arms ala “wheels on the bus” lol cuz that’s his default gesture XD).

He goes, “This... *points at a general direction* This this this… *points points points* JunJun take… and... *waves up and down* there and then… and then… here and *draws circles* … Spoilt. Right?

Lolol. Feel free to fill in the blank. I guess the gestures are words that are not in his dictionary yet. ^^


Other things he says:

“(To the alarm sound of a fire drill) Scary. Scary!! Hug. Hug!!!

Tick tock like a cat clock.

Papa (talking to his son who is pretending to be alseep) : “Junya? Neta (asleep)?”
Junya: “Neta. (Asleep)”

Mama (trying to make up a bed time story): “Ok how about…. a monkey story? Ohhhh, do you know what happened to the monkey?
Junya: “Fell out and bumped his head.

JunJun is kind and bae sakua is happy.


Also, sometimes the things that he says make me repent. Sometimes you hear your true self only when you listen to your own toddler. Otherwise you never know you sound that annoying.

Junya: “Because you throw… right?

Junya: “Who broke it. Who?

Junya: “Don’t say dowan.

Junya: “I want to catch some Pokemonnnnn. NOWWWWWW.

Yeap. Guilty as charged. I repent.


For Sakura

Read Sakura’s 1st month, 2nd month and 3rd month here.

I am so glad that I am doing this monthly update because it really really helps me see the changes, improvement and mistakes I can avoid making again. Without it everything will just be a blur. I mean, I don’t even remember how Junya is like at 4 months old!!!

This month she finally has more pictures because finally her skin cleared up and most of the time her skin looks porcelain perfect so I am spamming lots of selfies lol.

Compared to the baby Junya whose default expression is smiley, Sakura is waaaay serious. Getting her to smile is still a task. Despite all your effort to make silly faces and weird sounds, she’s just staring at you like, “dude what’s your problem.” lol. She also rarely talks and so far I have only heard her sort of, kind of, not really laugh out loud once.

Naturally I still worry, but I have also come to know that to worry is a mother’s job. When your second baby is not really the same as your first baby… when your baby misses a milestone… etc. But I guess over-worrying is still better than ignorant negligence, as long as it doesn’t stress you out too much.

Other things that happened:

Still no hair lol. I find it awkward that baby girls forever have to wear those compulsory headbands so that the world don’t mistake them as boys.

She still sleeps the best in this position. Her sleep schedule is also more predictable now!!

Started fist-sucking – still refuse any sort of pacifiers. Unless it is my shirt/arm/neck lolol. Very ticklish BUT I LIKE IT!!!

She gets a lot of tummy time now and is able to support herself up at chest!

Wardrobe upgrade from 50 to 60 and also bought some 70! She is growing!!!

But but but… her hands are still so small that my one finger fills her whole palm. And every time I touch her I just can’t help saying to her (and myself), please don’t grow up!!!! Okay please do grow up but not so fast… Because you could really be my last baby and the next time I can hold and smell and kiss a baby so dearly is maybe twenty over years later… who happens to be YOUR baby…?


For Mama


Quite a few people asked me how I manage to make both the kids nap at the same time.

Indeed, when the BOTH of them are asleep, it’s almost like you hear harps played by angels. It’s the sound of heaven.

Unfortunately I don’t have any special nap hack. I guess Sakura is still so young and she naps so often that one of her naps is bound to coincide/overlap with Junya’s.

Most of the time I get at least 1-2 hours of angel-o-clock every day to do me-stuff. 

But sometimes if really so suay, if they nap back-to-back (not literally, although it happens lol), one after another, then you just have to OT mama duties haih. For some reason, only one awake consumes so much more energy from me than both awake, I don’t know why!!

This inflatable chair from Richell (passed down from Junya niichan haha) is a life saver. Sakura sits in it and she can watch Junya play. Since they cannot play together yet haha. But Champon bit multiple holes in the chair and now it is uninflatable T____T.



There are so many things that I am procrastinating/giving up. Like going to the dentist for dental check up. Getting more regular hair treatments done. Put fake hair on my eyelashes. Stop rejecting travel jobs to Japan. Catch that damn Pokemon you really needed but you can’t because your daughter is crying because your son’s crying woke her up.

Yeap. And because in my pocket now there’s a baby kangaroo and I can’t bear to leave her behind. She has to be with me. All the time. 24/7. And I wonder how long more I have to do this. She has grown so attached to me (and doesn’t drink from a bottle, unlike Junya) it is just impossible to be separated from her, and I don’t want to. So I decided to pocket her whenever wherever I go.

As much as I want to get my damn teeth scaled, neither the danna nor my mom could replace me for even just a couple of hours. She just won’t have it. I am the chosen one. Sakura, good choice.

My point is… actually no point cuz most mothers I know have babies who are okay with the husband/parents/nannies/relatives. But if you happen to be in this situation, I just want to say… it’s ok. I too, haven’t had my teeth cleaned for a long time and I can’t even remember when was the last time I watched a movie in the cinema. And my hair is shit although I try to pretend that it is not. And yes, both you and I are never allowed to get addicted to Candy Crush or Pokemongo. Such is (our) life.

But never mind. We get back all the lost minutes with our babies that others don’t. And it is worth it. (Unless your teeth start to rot then it’s better you be a bad kangaroo just for a day.)


What does it feel like to have two kids?

It feels like you are given a plate of Wagyu steak and a plate of Ootoro sushi. Both so fatty and yummy you don’t even know which one to eat first.

Yeap. That’s how it feels.

Especially when you are lying in bed next to both and you don’t know who to hug first lol. Ok la this is when you should 左拥右抱 (hug left cuddle right) hahaha.