Junya turns 2.5 today, and Sakura is 7 months old now.

Really sibling face! ^^

Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

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Getting Outdoor

So we have been bringing Junya outdoor as much as possible because of a few reasons.

Firstly the paed advise us to do so to get him more active and build more muscle cuz I was telling the paed that my son is so skinnyyyy. Secondly because he is going to school soon and it’s a completely indoor school. Initially we picked a neighborhood preschool which had nice outdoor spaces, and I really liked it because it looked like an oldschool (accidental pun) kindergarten you know what I mean? Like back to nature and all that. Some muds, some real greens instead of fake fern, some bugs (yea maybe zika too but let’s not be too paranoid here)… and that’s good. But due to some reasons we changed him to another preschool with full blast aircon the entire day. So when he is not in school we try to go out and see more of the sun.

And the biggest reason is that…

Why are two year old boys so… frenzied?!

At home it’s like he’s gone mad-dog and he’s charging the sofa/bed throwing the pillows off the floor and then laugh at his own cheekiness -_-. Luckily it is the pillows ok. Not this laptop I’m typing on. Or his sister thank god.

Where does all the energy come from??! Honestly I’m really really envious you know? If I have that kind of energy I think I would be #pokemom Level 39 okay.

So yea we need to bring our rabid puppy out to let it all out. After all the climbing he typically eats better and sleep better. And we have a happy family.

Racing at Sentosa hahaha.



Sometimes I don’t know how to describe. Naughty? Cheeky? Mischievous? Or just plain creative?

Depends on how you look at it I guess. I fear for his sister’s life. Surviving every day lol.


I Bring My Own Toilet

Toilet trained.

… for two days.

I had no idea why but suddenly he just got super enthusiastic about going to the toilet… except that he insisted to bring his toilet out and make it a grand performance.

It lasted for two good but embarrassing days. Now we are back to diapers.


Training Chopsticks

One day I made Yuckysoba and I just thought it’s gonna be such a mess eating with spoon (for some reason he never likes to use fork, even for stuff like pasta -_-). So I whisked out the training chopsticks I bought since foreverrrr and asked him to use it.

He actually got pretty skilled in just one meal and was very happy about it.

Now let’s see how long this lasts.


Date with Mimi

He calls his Godmom Mimi. A half day date while his mama went for work. Every mother needs one godmom for her child. It is life-saving.



For Sakura

Sakura turns 7 month today!!

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Morning Serenade

So she is still the first one up. And then stone for a while. And when she realizes that nobody is awake to layan her, she starts chanting. Ahhhh~~~ahhh~ahhhhhh. Like loud speaker from a morning mosque.


Yeeeap. I see them. I feel them.

Now she thinks my boobies are human teether. And she’s getting used to it, like you know, some people bite the straw the moment they put it in their mouth, almost on reflex (me, guilty).

Sometimes I’ll be holding her during lunch/dinner with her facing the dining table while I chat with the danna/friends, and usually I’d have to pause and panic a few times because I realize she is eating the napkin/napkin wrapper/tissue/plate/whateverisonthetable.


Human Clock

Ahhh. I remember Junya the Human Clock. Now we have Sakura the Human Clock. Luckily she doesn’t do it so much on the bed because I barricade her with a giant moon pillow lol. But she can do it on the floor! She cannot crawl yet but she can turn herself round and round and round and round, all day long 🎶.


Sitting without support

She can now sit and play for a short while!!

Waddat ya eatin’?

Typically she will be stuck to my chest during meal times, and every single time she would look up to me with an annoyed face, like, “what’s that smell? Stop it I was trying to sleep” or “Why is it always you? What about me?” or like “Woman please watch that gravvy!!!

“When are you going to give me some of that?”


Failing to Wean

Funnily when I read back on Junya’s 7th month post, the exact thing happened. Except that, Sakura was never introduced to bottle before.

So I have done the full 6 months, and I thought HOKAY I too need to like, get my hair done or teeth checked or whatever, without strapping a baby to my chest the whole damn time?! So yea I introduced her to bottle+formula, which she proudly rejected.

She was fine just chewing it but when the milk start squirting out she just threw it away -_-.

Can anybody tell me how this is done? The weaning with bottle thing.


Separation Anxiety

I fully braced myself for it to happen, but she wasn’t as sticky as Junya was at 6 months. When I need to do chores, I would put her down on the carpet facing away from me, with A LOT of toys in front of her. But once she does the human clock thing and turns around to see that I’m sooooo far away or not within sight, she would start wailing.

But so far no stranger danger yet! She would still happily let other people hold her.

She is also much, much more alert to the surrounding, and it seems like she knows her name now when we call out to her!! She also looooves her niichan. Her little face lights up when she sees Junya.

And why are babies so sensitive and smart?! When I sleep next to her, she never ever wakes up and cry. But when I sneak away from her (and I’ll cheat with placing the moon pillow over her body to fake a hug), she would typically cry and call me back to lie down next to her at least a few times T___T.


For Mama

Mastered ombu style.

It is really, really helpful. I used to spend hours wasting my time to pat Sakura back to sleep since she wakes multiple times during a nap. And I feel very pekchek because I only get short intervals to do stuff and it just feel like I am wasting the whole afternoon away and nothing gets done?!

Well not anymore. Lunch? You have it. Fresh laundry? You got it. Dinner? On the way!!!

Yeap. Ombu helped me #pokemom level-up.

First event after foreverrrrr.

Yesterday my mom sent me this photo:

A family picture taken at my cousin’s wedding (which I was absent from as I couldn’t make it back from Singapore). My mother’s 10 siblings.

I told my mom “Your mom hen li hai.”

5 boys. 6 girls. I don’t even. Can you? Hahahha. Now I feel like I can do anything. 3rd baby? Come come come. HAHAHAHA.