Junya turns 44 months today and Sakura is 21 months old!

I can’t believe it has been a month! I just realized on the 10th of Feb and I thought damn, I hadn’t noted down anything in the past month. So it’s probably gonna be a short one this month.😳

For Junya

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For Junya, it has been relatively unhappening. But at this moment, no news is quite the good news for me haha.

He’s eating well, sleeping fantastic, doing good in school, and not giving me much of a problem.

I don’t even remember the last time he cried, now that I think of it!!! Of course he still sulks over little things, but he is so much calmer and more rational now. I no longer have to yell at him.

Usually when he gets himself in a situation and is about to burn up, I’d just tell him unfazed, “you already know what will happen if you do that. You think about it yourself ok, whether that is good or bad. When you have changed mood please let me know, we can talk about it.”

Usually that’ll do it. He is such a prideful boy, it would be really rare for him to come up to me first. But when I casually call out to him a few minutes later, usually he’s all fine again. Then we’d talk about what happened earlier.

It was me who needed to have more self-control. One day I exploded because the both of them completely messed up the toy room that I thought I walked into a tornado aftermath. After rounds of reminder/warning, nobody bothered to clean up the room. I walked away in fumes and stomped back with the room key.

I locked the room for two whole weeks.

When I finally opened it again, I made Junya promise that he’d tidy up before leaving the room and he nodded swiftly. I left the both of them in the room and went cooking. When they were done, I walked into the room and saw this.

I was so impressed that I took a photo haha. He even tidied up for his sister.

I guess trading my sanity for being a better parent the past 2 years finally pays off 😭😭😭. He is almost turning 4 soon, and I heard many mommies say that age 4 is the “angelic” year, before you go all crazy again with their newly learned pattern (lying/talking back/sarcasm etc). I will cherish this happy year. T_T



For Sakura

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Haha, as I have already expected, just when my firstborn matured into a (somewhat) understanding big brother, the younger one is… *shakes head*.

Yeap. The sulk continues.

She sulks out of no reason. I mean for her it’s a completely legit reason for sure, but for me it is really like, are you serious. Liddis also must angry.😒

This is her standing frozen, refusing to budge when I picked her up from school. I guess the reason was that I walked too fast or… I dunno, I wore the wrong color shirt? Lolol.

She also has many creative ways to show her chagrin, like hiding behind the bed, burying her face on the floor, or trying to retreat into narrow gap between furniture. And she is soooooo tiny it is really quite comical.

The thing is that, at this stage it is really still very bearable. Adorable even. Most of the time it was so adorable that I had to video or take photos of the scene lol.

Unlike Junya when he was this age, she hardly ever cries. She just sullenly utters, “noh”, walks away and sulks quietly at a corner. When I ignore her, sometimes she herself will come up to me pretending nothing has happened lol. Or I would go up to her to do silly faces or tickle her until she bursts out laughing.

It is super easy to distract her (still).

But I know this won’t last loooooooong. She is still 1 year old. She still looks so baby. Feels so baby.


The biggest thing that happened this month was that I tried to wean her at night. I finally decided to do it (again) because she started waking up more and more frequently in the middle of the night, sometimes 3 or 4 times looking for me to nurse. And she drank so much in her sleep that she threw up 3 nights in a week (blame the horrible cough) AND I HAD TO DRAG MYSELF AND HER UP AT 3AM TO WASH HER OFF CLEAN, AND CHANGE THE BEDSHEETS AND WAKE UP THE NEXT MORNING TO A PILE OF PUKE-FILLED LAUNDRY OMG I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS EVER AGAIN OKAY.

I decided that enough is enough. The first night I ignored her, she was screaming and wailing and pulling at my shirt while I hugged my bolster really tight, facing away from her. Mommies who have done this before will know my pain T____T.

And then I set my limit to be 6am. When she wakes at 6am, I am willing to nurse her. But it really isn’t easy. Sometimes she wakes at 5:45 and I’ll have to let her cry for 15 minutes T_____T. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it for both of us to suffer like this. But I know that if I 心软and think ok 15 minutes earlier is no big deal, I’m in for trouble. Biiiiiiig trouble. Because the next day she’s wake 5:30am, then the next 5am… and so on. I KNOW BECAUSE IT HAPPENED BEFORE. Many times. -____-.


Wear this.

Well I think it’s really a girl thing. While Junya has never had this problem, Sakura wants to take charge of her daily wardrobe choice.

She always end up wearing the same outfits. Her favorite owl blouse. Sometimes she will pick a dress and then asks to wear a pair of pants over it… -_-


Omg this one is so jialat until… T__T

Fine so it is very normal for younger kids to mimic their elder siblings. The thing is that Junya finds her copycat sister so amusing that he started imitating her too. He’s become a baby again demanding “ter! ter! ter!” (water, water, as his sister would asks -_-), and Sakura finds it very funny and copies him in return and it’d be like a ter ter here and a ter ter there, here ter there ter everywhere is ter ter..😒

My god it is an endless cycle…

When one does something bad I’d sound him/her out and before I know it the other starts mocking the former and the former does it with extra exaggeration…. AHHHHHH

*pulls hair out*

You see you see you see!!😡

Sakura placed her legs on the table because she knows that would get my attention, her brother mocks her and I’d have to yell at both but they just giggled like I’m an idiot T___T.


For Mama

You’d probably read it on my IG but I am going a bit psycho because the danna is out of the country more than he is home during this busy maximum period before CNY.

That means… I will have to do all of the below:

fix breakfast
send kids to school
do housework
fix lunch
pick kids from school
fix dinner
bathe the kids
wash dishes
put kids to bed

It sounds very normal just like what I do every day, but husbandless days are soooooo much more challenging. Imagine no one to distract the kids while you sneak away to fry your vegetables so now both are pulling your pants while both your hands are tied to cooking utensils (sometimes my pants literally drops wth heng I am at home -_-), one wants to use your kitchen knife the other wants to be carried AHHHHHH

*pulls more hair out*

So, bo bian ok. I pulled over two stools. One can help me wash the vegetables (actually is play water), the other one can just watch and learn lol. I swear 10 years later imma make them cook all 3 meals while I goyang kaki watch drama on the couch.

You have 9 more years, Sakura.

And then there was one time the danna drove back to KL with the stroller and baby carrier in the trunk. I panicked because HOW WAS I EVER GONNA GO OUT WITH TWO KIDS WITHOUT THOSE THINGS?????

It was a Friday so I had to bring home their sleeping bags, school bags, and the groceries for the weekend (which is quite a lot, got milk and daikon and eggs) while I walked home with the both of them. They held hands like that for only 1 minute before Sakura demanded to be carried all the way home. Yeap.

That weeked I just locked ourselves at home because it was really impossible to go anywhere with two kids without the stroller AND the baby carrier. I was so upset I ignored the danna for 2 days lolol. It was really not his fault la but I was really at my very limit that time.

At this very moment the danna is back to KL again, before returning to SG to fly out to Japan.


Sometimes I feel so frustrated that I really want to lash it out at the danna for leaving me alone to handle all these miseries by myself, but then again I can’t because I know that he is probably working 10000X harder than me and his problems are 1000000X more realistic than mine. I mean, what is a bed full of spilled cereal puff compared to having to solve a business crisis?

I’m just really thankful and glad that he’d be home so that I’ll have my husband back again.