Junya turns 46 months today and Sakura is 23 months old!

For the past whole month we have been… traveling!! This is probably the first time for our family to travel non stop for an entire month… and counting! By the time we return to Singapore, it will be two full months of away from home.

It’s a month of growth for both #cheesiepetits, I thought I had skipped one whole month of update because so much has happened in a short few weeks, and there are so so much I wanted to note down this time around.

So here’s what happened in the past month. ^^

For Junya

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Naughty or Nice?

I don’t really believe in horoscope anymore but if I were to blame it on the stars, Junya has turned into a textbook-Gemini because his two extreme sides are so… terrifying. Either that or all 3-year old are just the same.

I will have to give him credits for his much appreciated obedience lately, especially when we are traveling. The entire two weeks in Australia was episode-free and awesome. He did what he was told and thoroughly enjoyed our family time together too. I don’t remember having to nag him other than to get him to go to bed haha.

So I thought, finally… my soon-to-be four year old son has outgrown that “terrible one two three” phase and finally entered the Fantastic Four hahaha.

I was wrong, obviously.🙂

The moment we returned to KL with my mom coming over to visit, things goes… wonderful. 🙂  I’m not sure what’s this strange relationship between young kids and their grandparents, but I have come to realized that whenever my mom is present, he’s no longer the child I raised and have known for all my/his life. He’s a demon in full force. Granted, my mom dotes on him like any other grandparents do, but still the extreme change in attitude is shocking.

His table manners are non-existent (intentionally puts his feet on table to piss me off) when he usually behaves very nicely (the danna will scold him for putting elbows on the table and I’ll nag him for chewing with mouth open). He needs to be chased around to be fed by his popo (this irritates me the most what the hell, why do grandparents need to do that??? Just… WHY? Do they still feel the need to do that when the child is 10???) when he could fully finish his meal on his own. He screams… no, shrieks…. and also are very hostile towards his sister…

Who is this monster???

My god, he has turned into one of those unmanageable kids I often see in shopping malls whose mothers I feel sorry for… so the table has turned around and now I am too embarrassed to even be seen next to him. I felt like a failed miserably as a mother. And I don’t often feel this way.

Honestly, there was a few times I felt so close to slapping him omg. Please tell me I’m not the only one who is troubled by this change of behavior T__T.

Now that we are back to Japan, especially with the danna around, he has turn back to his pretty angelic self again. I just wish grandparents can witness this independent, tame and compliant little creature just for once, instead of the only gremlins they know of.


Sob sob

That said, it’s also not like he doesn’t have his little emo moments during our family travel. Junya is a very sensitive boy, sometimes I feel that he’s more like a Cancerian (like papa). Instead of bursting in tears, whenever he feels upset now (usually scolded by papa for bad manners), he stops whatever he’s doing and sobs quietly. I remember there was once we were talking a stroll with his scooter in Gold Coast, he was not feeling his best, and suddenly we realized that we’ve lost him as he trailed off. He was left behind like a block away, sobbing. I ran up to him stunned and puzzled, and asked him what happened. He didn’t say anything but hugged me tightly, weeping T___T. After that he told me because I walked too fast and did not wait for him T___T.

JunJun Says

1.The day we left KL for Japan.

Mama: “Can I talk to you about yesterday? Can you tell me why you were behaving so differently when popo (grandma) is around and when we were in Australia?

Junya: “Because… because I was a bit lazy and bad mood and I cannot control myself”.

2.In the car driving back from a friend’s place back to our apartment in Gold Coast. There was hundreds of tiny bright stars in the night sky. It was beautiful.

Junya: (looking out the window) If you cry the star will fall on the sand and I will cover it and it will feel better and fly into the sky again.


For Sakura

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This month is probably the month I saw the most drastic changes in Sakura, particularly speech wise. It’s like she has grown a few months older in these few short weeks.

Wink wink

I have no idea how she learnt the winking!! One day I asked her to do a blink and she gave me a wink instead!!😱 I thought it was a coincidence so I asked her to do it again, and she did!! And now she’s doing it non stop hahahha. It’s her signature pose now. 有事没事give me winks lol. Please don’t do that do random boys hor.


Firstly, she can now say full sentences instead of just words.

“Mama. Ahwan seewill.” (“Mama. I want cereal.” That’s her favorite sentence now.)

“Mama heh yu.” (“Mama, help me.”)

“Mama. Ahpen to you.” (“Mama, open for me.”)

“Mama. Ahwan teetha shu.” (Mama. I want to take off shoes”)

“Mama. Ahwan nek.” (“Mama. I want snacks.”)

“Mama. Nii nii cheeping.” (Mama. Oniichan is sleeping.”)

“Mama. Ahwan zeez oppai.” (“Mama. I want this oppai.” -______-)


I guess nobody can escape the Japanglish fate in our family. Everyone ends up speaking broken English AND broken Japanese… including the original native speakers -_-.

These days the nightmare has started. It’s totally my fault. And the danna’s.

Now Sakura started saying

“There yo.”

“This one ne.”

“Like this desho.”

“No more ame” (no more rain)

“wearvy atsui” (very hot)

“I like samui” (I like cold)



Omg this is the first of this little section like “JunJun Says”!!! Yay. So here are some of the little things she says the past month haha.

Sakura: Papa, nii nii kai.

“Papa, oniichan cry.” Whenever Junya bursts into tears she likes to point out the obvious lol. And then oniichan will protest furiously to that HAHAHA.

Sakura: *nonchalantly* Hm.

When I asked her a question, she used to answer “yeh” because she couldn’t pronounce “yes”, to “yesh” when she very proudly could almost pronounce “yes”, to “hm” because… she thinks she’s cool like that.

Sakura: MAMA AH WAN OPPAI!!!!!!

In public. T_T At almost 2 years old, nursing is a little bit awkward yet funny, because now she will tell me (sometimes coyly, sometimes outright factually, sometimes begging, sometimes furiously yelling lol.) that she wants oppai, and then specify which side she prefers to have first lolol (“Ah wan zeez oppai”). And then when she’s done, she will even have the decently to pull my bra or shirt to cover up for me lolol.

Sakura: Nii nii toh peet!!!!!

When oniichan disturbs her and she gets annoyed, she yells at him to “stop it”.

Sakura: Mama. Nii Nii ahpsepp.

When Junya is sulking she will kehpoh to me that her brother is upset.


Terrible Two?

The scary thing is, you know that it’s gonna come, but you don’t know when. You just have to be prepared to brace it every single day, 战战兢兢 如履薄冰. It may have come and gone before you knew it, it may be just the calm before storm.

For me I was fully prepared for her tantrums, so a little gwailan-ness here and there is no big deal to me. But the danna has clearly saw the change in her that this little pokemon’s difficulty level is definitely higher now haha.

The typical “no to everything” has started. She’d wake up sometimes with a super grumpy face and be like no to every single thing. Sometimes for no reason she’ll also be like the whole world offended her lol.

So here’s our typical exchanges during her disgruntled hours.

You want hug?
You want sing song?
Want oppai?
What do you want?

When you want mama then you call me ok. I go wash the dishes first. *slips away*

I’d just ignore her and go do whatever. The thing is that she won’t even bother me, she’d just sit there and sulk silently, which is a good thing lol it gives me peace and space XD.

Then a few minutes later I go back to her.

You want hug?
*angrily* YES.😠

Problem solved.



I think the biggest difference between her and Junya, is that she’s good in apple-polishing to get what she wants. Junya did the opposite, he walked the difficult path with sulking, protesting… and everything not in his favor, which I find myself feeling a little sorry for him because it makes him less likeable when he does those things, and that somehow I feel that he’s losing out in life with this attitude, having too much pride and too thin skin. Very much like me, regrettably.

Sakura… is quite the opposite. When whining doesn’t get her anywhere, she changes her tactic.

Many mommies told me it’s a girl thing (is it true?). Sakura knows I love all the little mushy gestures. She will rub her cheeks and tiny mouth into mine and call me in a super manja way (“mama〜〜〜.Mamaaaaa~”). When she sense that I have a change in mood and 脸色变了,she will also immediately tries to act accordingly. She also will 有事没事 come back hold my face with her palms, to make sure from time to time that she gets ample share of my love.

To get Junya to apologize is more difficult than digging a gold fish out of a kitten’s mouth lol. But when you just stare at Sakura expressionless, she will immediately 醒目 and go “Chovee mama. Chovee mama. Chove mama….” (sorry mama) in a very remorseful tone, until you forgive her lol. (How can I not!!!)

But sometimes she abuses our forgiveness. -_-

Lately her hobby is slapping people… what the heck.

She will smack my face on a whim and when I look shocked she will immediately go chovee mamaaaa and before I could finish saying “It’s ok but don’t do it agai…” then another smack again right on my face…?!?!?! Then and chovee mama

*repeats non stop for the next 3 minutes*

She thinks her sorries are almighty one. Can solve all troubles in this world.

I have yet to find the solution to this because I have tried ignoring, getting angry, talking to her calmly and seriously, pretend cry… all useless.

For now I think I just need to grow thicker skin…

Any tips, mommies?