Hello! Today Junya turns 4 years and 3 months old, and Sakura turns 2 years and 4 months old.

I have withdrawn them both from school on 15 August because we were going to spend 2 weeks in Bali, one week in KL, another 3 weeks in Japan, back to Singapore for a week or so before traveling again. School fees is 白白给的. For the amount of school fees we are paying as foreigners in Singapore, we could seriously use it to travel every single month. Maybe that’s a better option for now!

Resort mood.

Sakura’s bed for napping.


For Junya

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Coloring Skill

He doesn’t do coloring much and as much as I guiltily admit, we spend very very very very little time on books, be it story books or coloring books. He didn’t seem quite that into it. Most of the time he was just playing with random stuff at home with his sister. His favorite thing to do is to play with strings and tie them around other stringy stuff so I also spend a considerable amount of time untying a belt strapped to bolster fasteners, unknotting ribbons from my bra straps, detangling bracelets, removing dog leashed he wrapped around himself, etc etc etc.


Restaurants in Bali pleasantly surprise us with lots of coloring sheets, so for the first time I see him coloring very enthusiastically.

But I must say that I was very unimpressed with his coloring skill lolol. During school assessment the teachers also gave me feedback that his pencil grip is very weak so he’s not very good at tracing, sketching and stuff.

But I still have to 按着良心 and exuberantly praised him “WA NICE COLOR SELECTION JUN JUN! Looks like Luigi and Mario is on shroom” lol.

He also went to kids club for the first time and he did T-shirt painting. That was the first time I saw him draw somethign that actually resembles… something haha.

At first I thought he drew Tsum Tsum, it looks like Stitch and Alien Tsum to me. And then he told me that the biggest one is papa, on top is mama, top most is Sakura and Jun Jun at the bottom on the side.

Wa I was a bit touched ok. Means he put his family first over Tomica and chocolates. Or at least that’s what he chose to put on his first DIY T shirt!! 😀


Sunny boy

Junya is not really my son when it comes to the sun. He loves the sun and prefers to stay out in the sunshine instead of under the shade (Sakura hates the sun and always try to bury her face into me and tells me “hot, hot, hot, hot!”).

He got a bit tanned now!! I’m soooo envious of him because he hardly ever gets tanned even without sunblock, whereas Sakura and I can get dark from just staring at a photo of daylight.

And I am so happy because during the entire stay in Bali the kids spent a lot of time outdoors, playing sand playing water, dip in pool, spotting different insects, picking up shells and just walking. There’s zero TV or lazing around the couch. Although they did watch Moana and The Good Dinosaur when I needed to steal a couple of hours to do work haha.

This is his frangipani collection (with an odd bougainvillea and a withered hibiscus because he wanted different colors in his collection).

He also collected broken shells, rusty beer bottle caps.

Quite nice leh looks like some Comme Des Garcon new collection ok don’t play play. Maybe one day he can beat Watanabe Junya ok.


Pass the message

Now he is very good at using his sister as the messenger when he is angry at me (or vice versa).

“Sakuwa you ask mama to say sorry to nii nii.”

“Sakura you tell mama she is naughty.”

When I’m sitting right next to him. His sister will gladly be at his service and convey his messages aptly.


JunJun Says

1.I was in bed, he came over and lie down on top of me.

Junya: Mama is the rice, I’m the nori.
Mama: ?
Junya: Mama now can you be the uni rice and I am the ball ball (ikura)?
Mama: Oh so now we are sushi?
Junya: Ya.
Mama: How about Sakura?
Junya: She is the wasabi.


2. Bed time talk.

Junya: Mama I want to feed the marble to the bee, and then the honey come out, then become honey yogurt and then melon drop down and become honey melon yogurt and then strawberry and raspberry also drop down then become colorful yogurt. Mama you want to try?


3. While playing with Sakura.

Junya: Sakura, niinii is the helicopter and the police officer and you are the… charger. Ok?
Mama: What exactly does a charger do?
Junya: She just charge the helicopter.


4. We are playing “name the things of yellow color” game in the car on the way back to hotel in Bali.

Mama: Banana.
Junya: Pineapple.
Mama: Moon.
Junya: Potato chips.
Mama: Chicks.
Junya: (in a small voice and a coy grin) oshikko.

(Osshiko means pee in Japanese.)


For Sakura

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Sachuwa do

Everything she wants to do. Doesn’t this sound familiar?? I thought it was a one year old thing but now she’s at her peak again with “I can do all” attitude. Wear diaper wear clothes wear shoes mop floor brush teeth make milk EVERYTHING she very confident she can do ok.

Wa very waste time ok especially the shoe wearing part! So she has this pair of open-toe sandals with straps and she will take foreverrrrr wearing one shoe and when I try to help her put it on she will get angry and be “No Sachuwa do myself!” and then take it off omg and then to wear it again. I have decided that helping her wear is going to take more time so I’ll just sit there and watch and sigh in my heart and you know that’s not all right because she will 100% wear it on the wrong side (omg dejavu I swear I have written this before about Junya) and then I’ll have to cue her that it’s the wrong side so she will have to take it off and wear it again.

I am guessing this happens to every toddler. Which other mama have the same problem?


Hold Hand

She wants to hold hands with me when she sleeps. And it has to be finger-interlocked kind of hold hand. During our trip to Bali we ordered a babycot for her and put it next to our bed. She also demanded to hold hand ok so I was sleeping in a super awkward position with my body at the edge of the bed and my hand stretched between the bars of the cot to hold hers.


I Can Eat Negi

Sibling rivalry is not just troubles and heartaches. I LOVE THE WAY THE RIVAL.

Not only they are trying to eat faster than the other, they also try to appeal to me in many ways. One of the best thing is that they are trying to eat what they can’t eat just because the other has no problem eating it.

“Oh Junya you eat a lot of negi!”. I casually commented. And then Sakura will be “Sachuwa ohso can eat negi!”. And she hated negi.



That’s all for this month! Got a flight to catch ^^